5 things to reply when a car sales rep says…

“Is that your car out the front? We can give you $15K for it.”

Your answer? “Thanks, I may consider that. But I want that to be separate from the pricing of the new car.” They can easily inflate the price of your trade to make it look like a bargain, but then inflate the new car price and you will not notice this as it’s a ‘change over’ price you are given. TIP: Keep it all separate.

“Everyone pays the dealer delivery charge, it ensures your car is ready”

Your answer? “Can I please see the invoice”. The dealer delivery charge should be no more than $500-1000.  The car does need to be made ready, but not for a huge fee.

“So, what are you comfortable paying each month?”

Your answer? “We can talk about that later. I want to focus on the price you can get me on the car.” It’s easy to hide things when you are just given a monthly repayment, not so when you have the drive away price on a quote.

“We’re $3,000 below the Sticker Price. We can’t go any lower”

Your answer? “Actually, we’re not yet at the fair price I expect to pay.” The point here isn’t $3,000—it could be $400 or $14,000. The problem is that the dealer is negotiating from the sticker price down, the sticker is at the maximum RRP, plus extras, and it’s easy to reduce the price, so stick to your guns.

“Rust proofing adds only a few dollars to your payment”

Your answer? This one’s simple: “No, thank you.” You are going to be offered all kinds of products and services in your dealership’s financing and insurance office. Mud flaps, rust-proofing and paint protection make the dealer a lot of money, but you can get them for less – often much less – elsewhere, and some of the products are just a waste on modern vehicles.