James Candrick

James Candrick

I was referred to Mark through a mutual acquaintance who knew I had been going on about getting a new car for some time.

But as a busy commercial finance broker I had not found the time to even start looking… let alone the time to search, traipse around dealerships, test drive or find the best price available. With a wife who holds down a senior role in one of the large banks and 2 young children, we are always striving for that desired healthy work/life/family balance that so many people are.

We knew exactly the car and model we wanted – a VW golf GTI, manual, white, with a couple of factory options.

What stood out for me initially about Mark was that he made the time to really listen to what wewanted and to find out our exact wish list for the new car. Mark never pushed any agenda other than wanting to provide a top-quality service for us with the aim of achieving our wish list. As an independent buyer’s agent, Mark is not tied to any dealership commission structure so had our best interest to heart.

Our budget was $40k, which we thought would only entitle us to a late model used car, or one with a lesser specification. However, through Mark’s trusted VW network, hesourced a new GTI, manual,in white, and at a price of under $40k which was available for delivery within one month.We didn’t have to lift a finger and got the car we really wanted, thanks to Mark.

My wife and I were so delighted with our new Golf, weimmediately booked a weekend away…  where naturally we drove! If I have one small regret, it is that I wasn’t introduced to Mark sooner.