Nick Kulkarni

Nick Kulkarni

I was fortunate enough to meet Mark as he happens to be a patient of my Dental Practice in Mosman. As you doas a dentist whilst waiting for the injections to kick in, you have various conversations, or at least I do while the patient’s mouth is numb!

After Mark told me about his business and the services he offered as a vehicle buyer and selling agent, it sounded like the perfect one-stop-shop I was looking for.

I had a Hyundai IX35 which had served me well, but as my family grew, wanted another SUVbut with more space andI also wanted to upgrade. I was attracted to the Mercedes GLC.

Working long hours in my practice and valuing quality family time, I knew I would struggle to find the time to sell my Hyundai, find the right-optioned Mercedes GLC and get the right change over value I had budgeted for.

Through Mark’s trusted Mercedes contact, hefound the exact optioned model GLCI was looking for, which was also in stock.Mark saved me $4,000 from the quote I had received.

I wasalso offered $6,000 trade-in for my Hyundai, but Mark advised that I could achieve a far better price if this was sold privately. I therefore engaged Mark to manage the end-to-end process of selling my car – he researched and recommended the best market price point, handled the photography and advertising, dealt with all enquiries and test drives (including the tyre-kickers) and ultimately successfully negotiated a sale price of just short of $10,000. In addition to being very satisfied with the outcome, I appreciated the fact that Mark kept me fully informed throughout and checked in about all genuine offers he received.

Overall, engaging Mark’s services saved me a total of $8,000and many hours’ worth of time, making me a very happy and satisfied dentist… and a popular husband and Dad!

The only question I’d ask is ‘Why wouldn’t you use Mark?’