Sam Crawford

Sam Crawford

Mark was recommended to me by a friend who had a great experience using his services in the past to source a new car.

I run a successful IT company which has a total of 22 staff.I also have a wife, two children and a dog.As you can imagine, like a lot of business people these days, I am extremely time-poor, juggling to maintain that ideal healthy work/family/life balance.

So, hearing about and engaging Mark was a very easy decision.When I spoke with Mark, I told him I was looking to get a VW Golf R. I had done a little research online and thought my budget would only stretch to a used or demo model.

I knew Mark had extensive experience in the car business and had built up a lot of trusted long-standing relationships. He worked hard with his VW contact and found the car I wantedwithin a few days –not only was it brand new it was still surprisingly within budget. I was delighted.

Two weeks later Mark drove me to VW, where I took delivery of mybrand-newGolf R, at a saving of $5,000.Not onlya great financial saving but also a stand-out time-saver.  A great end-to-end service from Mark and a fantastic outcome for me.